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17th CT Flagpole: But Wait, There’s More

The construction of Howard Avenue at Barlow’s Knoll. The man in the photograph is standing next to the shared monument to the 25th and 75th Ohio. You can also see the monument to the 107th Ohio between the monument and the roller, just above t[...]

Stone Wall Progress: West Confederate Avenue

The National Park Service has been constructing stone walls in Gettysburg National Military Park. Last time we updated you, we looked at these Ziegler’s Grove stone walls, also known by Licensed Battlefield Guides as “Fort Hancock.”[...]

The 17th Connecticut Flagpole at Barlow’s Knoll

The 17th Connecticut’s monument on Barlow’s Knoll. The flagpole in the left background, which we believe is the original wooden flagpole, was erected as an additional memorial to the regiment.Property/survey markers appear in the bottom [...]

Stars on the Tennessee State Monument

The Tennessee State Monument was erected along Confederate Avenue on Thursday, July 1, 1982. The three soldiers on the monument represent the three Tennessee regiments out of Archer’s Brigade that fought at Gettysburg: the 1st, 7th, and 14th T[...]

The Triangular Field

We last stopped by the Triangular Field to show you a controlled burn in September of 2016.This image was taken facing west at approximately 2:00 PM on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. And you can still find evidence of the burn around the field’s edges[...]

Gettysburg National Military Park Entrance Plaques

The Hancock Avenue Gate along the Taneytown Road. The gate was erected as the intended entrance to Gettysburg National Military Park from the Taneytown Road. Notice the plaques stating “Gettysburg National Military Park.”This view was ta[...]

Green Returns to Little Round Top

An update from Houck’s Ridge, showing the green that was promised on Little Round Top after April’s controlled burn.This image was taken facing east at approximately 8:00 AM on Saturday, May 6, 2017. This panorama was taken the evening [...]

McPherson’s Ridge Panorama: May 2017

It was an overcast Saturday morning in Gettysburg, with temperatures in the low 50s. The McPherson’s Ridge panorama is taken in front of the equestrian statue to John F. Reynolds. The last panorama in this series was taken five years ago, in M[...]

Painted Rock Carvings on Little Round Top

One of the most-visited series on Gettysburg Daily has been Licensed Battlefield Guide Tim Smith’s Gettysburg Rock Carvings. This is Tim in 2009 on Little Round Top, stopping by the Hazlett rock carving next to the smaller monument to the 91s[...]

88th Pennsylvania Boulder Ready in Ziegler’s Grove

The Ziegler’s Grove monument to the 88th Pennsylvania as it appeared in February of 2012.This view was taken facing east at approximately 4:30 PM on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. The monument was removed during the reconfiguration of the parkin[...]