Gettysburg Daily

First Light at the Crawford House

As Saturday’s first morning light hit the 1860s Gettysburg home of John S. Crawford, The Gettysburg Daily was there to present it to you. According to the 1860 federal census, John S. Crawford was the 13th wealthiest person in Gettysburg, with a to[...]

Leap Day Friday at the High Street School

Another February Friday, another February school day. The Gettysburg Daily visited Gettysburg’s High Street School, or Common School, at 40 East High Street. Most teachers in the 2008 Gettysburg public schools have 20 to 30 students in each c[...]

Peace Light Sunset

Known for its “high ground,” the Gettysburg area has more than a few places to watch a sunset. On a cold and windy Thursday, with the ground frozen and a “wet snow” expected tomorrow (Friday), the Gettysburg Daily visited one [...]

The Henry Culp Farm on a Cold, Windy, Wednesday

In the borough of Gettysburg there were 97 occupations according to the 1860 census. While we are familiar with the farms surrounding the town where much of the battle was fought, we probably don’t think there were too many farmers living in the town[...]

A Gettysburg Day of Fog and Flood

The Slaughter Pen view of the flooded Plum Run (Bloody Run). The Slaughter Pen “pool” area is shown in the foreground. In the middle distance is the bridge which passes over Plum Run from the Devil’s Den parking lot to the Slaughte[...]

What’s in an 1860’s Gettysburg Name?

The east side of the George George House at 237 Steinwehr Avenue. View is from the southeast facing northwest. Approximately 4:30 PM Monday, February 25, 2008. At 237 Steinwehr Avenue is a small stone building occupied in the 1860s by Gettysburg Day[...]