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Little Round Top looking to Big Round Top in 1881.

Approximately ten years ago, Adams County Historical Society Historian and Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Tim Smith was looking through the George Eastman Museum online photographs, and discovered this image labeled “Round Top, Harper&#[...]

Gettysburg’s 2018 Memorial Day Parade

Near the end of our tours at Gettysburg National Military Park, we were walking home while the Memorial Day Parade was ending. We thought we would show you a couple of pictures, including the elementary school children near the intersection of Balti[...]

The Alexander Riggs House: John Burns and the Cellar Door

The archaeological dig taking place at the foundation of the Alexander Riggs House is a partnership between the Adams County Historical Society, Gettysburg College, and the Civil War Trust. The Riggs House was located on Seminary Ridge along the Cha[...]

New York State Monument

From the Archives: The New York State Monument viewed from the air. The monument is 95 feet in height. This photo was taken during restoration work.This image was taken circa the 2010s. | (c) The Barbara Adams Photo Collection

Pardee Field Controlled Burn: Part 1

After completing the controlled burn of Little Round Top earlier in the week, the remaining burn crew subjected Pardee Field to prescribed fire on Thursday, April 13. That morning, before the burn began, NPS protection, fire, and a couple administra[...]

Cows on East Confederate Avenue

We’ve had spotty internet this week, but we still wanted to make sure you had a chance to see Gettysburg. The Culp Farm is in the background through the trees (you can see some scaffolding).This view was taken facing east at approximately 1:00[...]

Gettysburg NMP April Advisory Commission Meeting: Part 1

On April 13, 2017 at 7 PM the Gettysburg National Military Park Advisory Commission met in the Ford Education Center at the Visitors Center. This public meeting of the advisory commission is held twice annually. The next meeting will be September 14[...]

Hanock Avenue Gate: 1921 Design

The design of the Hancock Avenue Gate was submitted by E.B. Cope and approved in July of 1921 by the Gettysburg National Park Commission. The drawing was done by Cope’s assistant engineer, likely because Cope was 88 years old when he designed [...]

Joseph Sherfy House: Window Restoration

Structures within Gettysburg National Military Park are typically the target of restoration crews during the summer. Today we’ll look at a few images that show restoration work performed on the Joseph Sherfy House in 2014.This image was taken [...]

Views from the Longstreet Tower: May 2017

The Longstreet Observation Tower in 2008.This view was taken facing north at approximately 6:40 PM on Wednesday, September 17, 2008. Sunday afternoon’s view from the Longstreet Tower. You can view past entries in this panorama series here.T[...]