Gettysburg Daily

The Sickles Award 2009


In first place, with 25.5% of the total # of votes cast, the winner of the first annual The Sickles Award: Comfort Suites Hotel on South Cemetery Hill.

Thank you to everyone who voted in our first annual The Sickles award. With 25.5% of the total # of votes cast (remember, everyone had three), the construction of the Comfort Suites Hotel on South Cemetery Hill was our winner.

We’d also like to start a new award for the good things going on related to Gettysburg. But who (or what) should we name it after? Let us know by sending us an email with your choice of name for the award.


In second place, with 16.1% of the total # of votes, Museum Fee Charged to Make up for Movie Fee Fiasco.


In Third Place with 13.5% of the total # of votes, Peace Light Monument Vandalism.

And the other nominees were as follows:

Burying of 96th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Flank Marker
Slathering Devil’s Den and The Loop with Asphalt
Asphalt touching, and dirt covering up flank marker
Did the National Park Service Cut Down a Witness Tree?
Discarding of the Knap’s Battery Flank Marker
Lights Out at the Electric Map
Construction at Gateway Mini Mart
Steinwehr Avenue Traffic Circles?
National Park Service Cuts Down Four Witness Trees
Beautiful Bridge, Bad Timing
Gettysburg’s Wills House: The Misleading, Mislabeled Diorama
Camp Letterman Tree Removal Complete, Hospital Woods Gone
Another Gettysburg Monument Vandalized