Gettysburg Daily

Triangular Field Panorama

Today we are introducing another new panorama. This photograph was taken from Houck’s Ridge looking west. This would be the view that some members of the the 124th New York Infantry Regiment had as Confederates attacked (moving towards the camera) from Warfield Ridge/Seminary Ridge. The stone wall bordering the east side of the triangular field is the most prominent object in this view. The wall probably wasn’t there at the time of the battle. The Slyder Farm consists of white objects at the end of the stone wall on the left (southwest). The monument to the 124th New York is in the right background, to the right of the stone wall (northeast). This view was taken at approximately 1:50 PM on Monday, January 25, 2010. For a medium-sized version of the panorama click here. For the larger JPEG version, click here. If you’d like to see the uncompressed TIFF file, you can download it here (36.6 MB).

We know many of you were expecting pictures from the latest Gettysburg “blizzard” but we haven’t shoveled out our driveway yet, and can’t get out. We decided that pictures of snow in our driveway isn’t what drives most visitors to our site, so we are introducing a new panorama. Houck’s Ridge’s “triangular field” is famous among “ghost circles” for having cameras malfunction.  So we decided to take a panorama there. This view was also requested by one of the visitors to our site so he could see the tree clearing that has occurred here over the last few years.

The 124th New York Infantry Regiment, among other Union units, defended this position and even charged down this hill during the fighting on July 2, 1863. Attacking towards this position were units from Hood’s Texas Brigade, Law’s Alabama Brigade, and Benning’s Georgia Brigade. For those not familiar with the area, Devil’s Den is behind the camera position.