Gettysburg Daily

Tents Erected for Ranger Programs

The new Vistor Center complex at Gettysburg National Military Park brings new areas for some of the National Park Service Ranger Programs.

In the rear (west) of the new Visitor Center the area has been landscaped (grass and trees planted) with two areas for ranger programs. Unfortunately, the trees are not large enough yet to provide adequate protection from the elements. Two large white tents, one for each Ranger Program Site, have been erected this year and will probably stay for the duration of the season.

The metal box in the background will provide electrical power for microphones and any other items the Rangers need to enhance their programs. More than a few people are curious to see how this will work with both Ranger sites having microphones and being in such a close proximity to one another.

It’s been rainy and warm lately. The Gettysburg Daily has yet to see the tents utilized for programs. They are as empty as they are now.