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Louisiana Monument Panorama: April 2012

Today’s panorama concentrates on the Confederate view of the Peach Orchard at ground level. This panorama is taken from in front of (east of) the Louisiana State Monument. On the left is Pitzer’s and Spangler’s Woods the red Alexander Spangler Barn, and Cemetery Hill. In the center are the Sherfy Farm and the Peach Orchard. On the right are the Round Tops, the Sheffler House and the Warfield House. Also visible is the Longstreet Tower and the Mississippi State Monument. This view was taken at approximately 3:30 PM on Friday, April 6, 2011. On the left we are looking to the north. On the right we are looking to the south. For a medium-sized version of the panorama click here. For the larger JPEG version, click here. If you’d like to see the uncompressed TIFF file, you can download it here (162 MB).

The Confederate view of the Peach Orchard, taken adjacent to the Louisiana State Monument (which we’ve included in this view).

We planned on bringing you another NPS winter lecture today, but technical difficulties occurred in our upload process after a power outage this morning. While we get those straightened out, here is a slightly different and wider take on a familiar panoramic view.

December 17, 2011.

April 16, 2011.

February 25, 2011.

January 21, 2011.

December 4, 2010.

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July 27, 2010.

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March 24, 2010.

January 18, 2010.