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Most of the monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park were not created in the Gettysburg area. Many times they were created in the area where a certain unit was raised, or ordered from a monument company/catalogue. Most of the bases and flank markers for these monuments, however, were quarried on the Gettysburg Battlefield. And they were taken from rocks that soldiers probably used for protection during the fighting. Post-war quarries existed in areas such as Culp’s Hill, Devil’s Den, and William Wible’s Quarry near Brooke Avenue and Rose’s Woods. The evidence that the quarry existed is still evident if one cares to do a little investigating.

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William Wibel’s
Gettysburg Quarry Part 1

The post-battle Gettysburg rock quarries provided material for monument bases, flank markers, bridge and road foundations, and culverts.
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