Gettysburg Daily

Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Jim Hueting shows us the Frederick, Maryland area locations where Meade was informed he was to command the Army of the Potomac, and where he and Colonel James A. Hardie visited Major General Joseph Hooker to inform him of the change of command.

Jim Hueting began to study Gettysburg following a visit there at the age of five. Jim states, “after 56 years I would have to acknowledge that what I know could be placed in a thimble and roll around like a BB in a boxcar.”

Jim received his Bachelors degree from the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, and his Masters Degree from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College). He also has 36 credits beyond his masters from Western Maryland and the University of Maryland.

Jim Hueting became a Licensed Battlefield Guide in 1987 and was President of the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides from 2003-2004. Jim states, “I still believe the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides is the best way to improve the quality of Licensed Guides through continuing education and common goals.”

Tours by Jim Hueting:

Meade Receives Command of the
Army of the Potomac