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Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide Hope Coates begins a series on the Battle of Westminster, Maryland. This short fight was one of those important events that contributed to the delay of Major-General J.E.B. Stuart’s Confederate cavalry from reaching Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia before the Battle of Gettysburg.

Battle of Westminster Part 1
…The City Hotel is where Major Knight of the 1st Delaware had his headquarters in Westminster, and where Colonel Paul J. Revere of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment died. Revere was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, and died here on July 4, 1863.
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Battle of Westminster Part 2
In today’s post she shows us where the fighting occurred through the streets of Westminster.
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Battle of Westminster Part 3
In today’s post she talks about the aftermath of the battle including some soldiers’ burial locations.
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