Gettysburg Daily

Warren Avenue Closed For A While

Warren Avenue, which connects Crawford and Sickles Avenue in Plum Run Valley/Valley of Death to Sykes Avenue on Little Run Top is closed while “shoulder work” is being conducted. This view was taken facing southeast at approximately 8:30[...]

October Snowstorm Damage Part 1

A large section of a tree fell on the top of the monument to the 121st New York Infantry Regiment on Little Round Top. It knocked the bronze figure at the top of the monument backwards. The damage not only separated the bronze top from the granite b[...]

150th Anniversary First Battle of Manassas Part 1

One of our goals on the visit to Manassas National Battlefield was to capture scenes in the final hours of daylight on July 21st, the 150th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas. The location is Henry Hill. The monument to Thomas J. “Sto[...]

Gettysburg’s Christ Lutheran Church Linden Trees Born Again

The two witness trees that stood in front of (north of) the Christ Lutheran Church have been gone since January. But new trees are attempting to grow from the old stumps as seen in the left foreground of this photograph. This view was taken facing [...]

Pender “Witness Tree” Struck by Lightning, Saved by Cable

The Pender Tree, located on the east side of Seminary Ridge’s West Confederate Avenue, was struck by lightning sometime during the last two weeks of August. The lightning struck the lightning rod at the top of the tree, ran down the cable and[...]

Killing Foliage in and near the Valley of Death

The National Park Service at Gettysburg National Military Park is finally attempting to get rid of some of the undergrowth/foliage that for years has quickly overtaken many parts of the battlefield. They have been spraying the foliage in an attemp[...]

Gettysburg’s Christ Lutheran Church Witness Trees Removed

The two witness trees that stood in front of (north of) the Christ Lutheran Church have now, except for the stumps, been completely removed. This view was taken facing southwest at approximately 8:15 AM on Saturday, January 9, 2010. The Witness Tr[...]