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NPS Visitor Center Parking and Traffic Update

New vehicle traffic patterns are being implemented and discussed at the new visitor center. It’s been a while since we’ve documented the changes, so we’ll try to catch you up today. We’ll begin with the bus or group drop-[...]

Another Fee Structure for the Gettysburg Visitor Center

Saturday could have been the busiest day of the year. Even at 10:00 AM, those standing in lines to purchase tickets were lined up from right to left, and then started coming towards the camera on the left side. At 1:00 PM, all the Movie/Cycloram[...]

How Not To Get Into the Gettysburg Museum For Free

First, you SHOULD purchase your all-in-one ticket at the Ticketing/Reservation Counter, and hope that you are actually able to see all the venues for which you’re purchasing a ticket. Don’t check your watch in disbelief, as the man is[...]

First Day for Gettysburg Museum Fee

The $7.50 fee for adults wanting to see the Gettysburg Museum began today at the Visitor Center. The fee includes the New Birth of Freedom movie, the Cyclorama program, and the museum. Visitors who wish to enter here, must show Gettysburg Founda[...]

Grand Opening and Lower Prices Equals Busy Cyclorama

The lines were long for the Movie/Cyclorama program on the Gettysburg Visitor Center Grand Opening Weekend. This view was taken from the southeast facing northwest at approximately 3:00 PM on Saturday, September 27, 2008. The film and Cyclorama co[...]

Gettysburg Visitor Center Grand Opening Weekend

The Wildcat Regimental Band performed in the Visitor Center’s front lobby. This view was taken from the northeast facing southwest at approximately 5:45 PM on Friday, September 26, 2008. This weekend marks the Grand Opening of the new Visito[...]

Grand Opening and Large Donor Party Preparations

American flags were planted in the front “yard” of the new visitor center. Attached to each flag was a card. One side talks about the grand opening and the other side holds the name of a donor. This view was taken from the west faci[...]