Gettysburg Daily

Gettysburg National Military Park Cannon Shop: Part 1

A cannon carriage undergoing restoration in the Gettysburg National Military Park Cannon Shop. The shinier spokes on the wheel in the foreground are new, and have been replaced during the restoration process. This view was taken at approximately 3:4[...]

Alabama Monument Restoration Complete

The Alabama State Monument, located on Warfield Ridge in Gettysburg National Military Park along South Confederate Avenue. This view was taken facing west at approximately 10:00 AM on Wednesday, December 21, 2011. Since the summer of this year, we&#[...]

Barlow’s Knoll: Tree Clearing Along Old Harrisburg Road

The photographer is positioned just off the North Gettysburg Trail on Howard Avenue. Familiar clearing equipment is visible in the center of this shot. This view was taken facing northeast at approximately 9:30 AM on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. Whil[...]

Powers Hill Tree Removal Part 4

This painting titled General View of the Union Lines on the Morning of July 3, 10 AM, During the Attack of Johnston’s Div. C.S.A. by the artist Edwin Forbes shows the area around the Baltimore Pike. Powers Hill is on the far left with a lot of its [...]

Tree Cutting Near the 19th Indiana Monument Part 2

A view of the recently dedicated (October 28, 1885) monument to the 19th Indiana Infantry Regiment. The stream is Willoughby Run. On the right (west) side of the run was the property of Emmanuel Harman or Emanuel Harmon or Emanuel Harmon or Emmanuel[...]

Some Structures Removed From the Country Club Property

Demolition crews are in the final stages of cleanup on National Park Service property which was once the Gettysburg Country Club. This view was taken facing northeast at approximately 10:00 AM on Sunday, December 11, 2011. Demolition crews are finis[...]

Powers Hill Tree Removal Part 3

This is a view of Powers Hill taken approximately 15 years after the Battle of Gettysburg. The house and barn belonged to Nathaniel Lightner at the time of the battle, and at the time when the photograph was taken. The Baltimore Pike is in the foreg[...]

Warren Avenue Closed For A While

Warren Avenue, which connects Crawford and Sickles Avenue in Plum Run Valley/Valley of Death to Sykes Avenue on Little Run Top is closed while “shoulder work” is being conducted. This view was taken facing southeast at approximately 8:30[...]