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Hancock Avenue Gate Location

The Hancock Avenue Gate will be put back in this location on the west side of the Taneytown Road. The “Sidewalk Closed” sign is near the center of the gate. The left post of the gate is near the left of the orange fencing. The right post[...]

East Cemetery Hill Restoration Update

We checked in on the demolition progress at the Civil War Trust’s property on East Cemetery Hill yesterday evening. We last stopped by this property two weeks ago – we’re standing on Wainright Avenue, looking up at the rear of the [...]

Thompson House Restoration

The widow Mary Thompson House, as the sun sets over the McPherson Barn and the Blue Ridge mountains in the background. The Civil War Trust purchased this property and is performing restoration of the landscape to its 1863 appearance. We took a walk [...]

Temporary National Cemetery Parking Lot

While the old Cyclorama Parking Lot is being replaced (out of sight to the right of this view), a temporary parking lot has been established south of the National Cemetery. This lot used to be used by employees of the National Park Service when the [...]

Cyclorama Parking Lot Update

A number of trees are being removed in the area of the Cyclorama parking lot. We took two panoramas yesterday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to give you the latest update. You can compare them to our panoramas from previous days (click[...]

What is the Purpose of Reconstructing the Hancock Avenue Gate?

Welcome to the next battle of Gettysburg. What should be the appearance and purpose of this and any other National Military Park? As part of the Cyclorama parking lot deconstruction there will be a structure placed along the Taneytown Road. It is th[...]

2nd Co. Massachusetts Sharpshooters Monument Cleaned

The 2nd Company “Andrew’s” Massachusetts Sharpshooters monument, situated along “The Loop” on the Stony Hill on the southern end of the Gettysburg battlefield. In the right of frame is the monument to the 110th Pennsylv[...]

National Cemetery Parking and North Cemetery Ridge Updates

The Cyclorama Center still looms in the background, pending an environmental assessment and planning process. The monument to the 126th New York Infantry is in the left of frame behind the Ziegler’s Grove sign and the base of the monument to B[...]

Powers Hill Tree Removal Part 5

Today we will be taking a look at the progress in the clearing of trees from Powers Hill. This photo was taken from the Baltimore Pike. This view was taken facing southwest at approximately 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. See previous related[...]