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Spangler’s Spring Part 1 with LBG Garry Adelman

Spangler’s Spring at Culp’s Hill. The caption to this William Tipton photograph: “Man seated at stone housing of Spangler’s Spring, holding tin cup, horse spring also visible.” The “horse spring” is the R[...]

The Tragedy at Spangler’s Meadow with LBG Garry Adelman

The monument to the 2nd Massachussetts in Spangler’s Meadow. Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Mudge commanded the regiment at Gettysburg.This view was taken facing north by William Tipton circa the 1890s. Licensed Battlefield Guide Garry Adelman[...]

John Wesley Culp Photo Rediscovered with Erik Dorr

The Gettysburg Museum of History is a privately owned museum on Baltimore Street. It is FREE, unlike some museums in Gettysburg. Owner and curator Erik Dorr is holding photographs of the Culp brothers, Wesley and William Culp. You check out the muse[...]

National Park Service Ranger Dan Welch’s Mid-Winter Lecture

National Park Service Ranger Dan Welch, delivering his mid-winter lecture, “The Rise and Fall of Hope: Robert E. Lee, George McClellan and the Seven Days Battles.” To contact Ranger Welch, click here to reveal his address. This view was [...]