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3rd United States Infantry Marker

A reader of ours named G.F. Clark emailed us from Colorado. He’s a veteran of the 3rd United States Infantry, U.S. Army Presidential Honor Guard, Co. E, 1St. (Now 4th Bn.).The monument to Ayres’ 2nd Division of the 5th Corps is in the ri[...]

The Error on the Camp Colt Marker

There are a number of monuments at Gettysburg that have mistakes or idiosyncrasies on them. A few of our readers noticed the backwards “S” on the cartridge box on the monument to the 29th Ohio. We’re standing along the Emmitsburg R[...]

Then and Now: 29th Ohio Infantry Monument

Then: The 29th Ohio Infantry monument, located along the east side of Slocum Avenue on Culp’s Hill. Veterans pose with Gettysburg historian John Bachelder (standing), who was referred to by the Gettysburg Compiler in 1887 as “Colonel Joh[...]

Lincoln’s Heads at the Pennsylvania State Memorial

The statue of President Abraham Lincoln is located on the southwest side of the Pennsylvania Memorial. Visitors walking up the steps are treated to a John Wilkes Booth view of the rear of Lincoln’s head when taking the stairs inside the monume[...]

Visiting Hupp’s Battery Marker

There are some places in Gettysburg National Military Park that are hard to reach. Today we take a trek to what is possibly the least-visited Confederate battery marker on the battlefield, located in the woods north of the railroad cut on Oak Ridge.[...]

The 2nd Maryland Infantry Monument on Culp’s Hill

The monument to the 2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment on Lower Culp’s Hill/Spangler’s Hill. The Baltimore Cross is on each of the four faces of the capstone as most of the men in the regiment were recruited from Baltimore. The Maryland Stat[...]

McPherson’s Ridge Panorama: May 2012

This view was taken at approximately 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 12, 2012. For a medium-sized version of the panorama click here. For the larger JPEG version, click here. If you’d like to see the uncompressed TIFF file, you can download it here[...]

Louisiana Monument Panorama: May 2012

Today’s panorama concentrates on the Confederate view of the Peach Orchard at ground level. This panorama is taken from in front of (east of) the Louisiana State Monument. On the left is Pitzer’s and Spangler’s Woods the red Alexan[...]

Gettysburg’s Oak Ridge Tower Panorama: May 2012

On the left the camera is pointing to the southwest and on the right of the view the camera is pointing to the north. For the larger JPEG version click here, or you can download the uncompressed TIFF file (44.3 MB) here. This view was taken at appro[...]