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Civil War Museum Calm Day After Reenactor Wounded

The day after a Civil War Reenactor was wounded by another reenactor in the foot at the Civil War Wax Museum on Steinwehr Avenue, the yellow tape was removed, and the area was no longer considered a “crime scene.” This view was taken [...]

Reenactor Wounded in Gettysburg

Details are sketchy, but according to eyewitnesses, a reenactor performing at Gettysburg’s American Civil War Museum was wounded near this tent Sunday afternoon. He was laying underneath a tarp by the tent when one of his fellow reenactors [...]

Military Intelligence at Meade’s Headquarters

Captain Don McConnell, a former military intelligence officer in “real life,” explains the purpose of the encampment. This view was taken from the southeast facing northwest at approximately 2:30 PM on Saturday, August 2, 2008. Sykes Re[...]

Union Cavalry in Pitzer’s Woods

The 2nd United States Cavalry performed living history demonstrations at Gettysburg National Military Park this weekend. They were camped in Pitzer’s Woods along Seminary Ridge. Here, near the amphitheater, they are taking a recreational rid[...]

Living History on a Foggy Fifth of July

Each weekend during the spring, summer, and fall, the American Civil War Museum hosts the Civil War Heritage Foundation. The reenactors portray both United States and Confederate States individuals, and include a civil war chapel, provost marshal[...]

Signal Stations at Little Round Top and Devil’s Den

The Signal Corps of the James, and Union and Confederate reenactment group visited Little Round Top and Devil’s Den today to practice sending signals. The Federal “branch” of the group is on Little Round Top near the position of[...]

Early Morning Living History

The 4th Maryland Artillery (CSA) was performing and camping at Pitzer’s Woods this weekend. They are a well equipped unit, and this trailer carries much of that equipment. This view was taken from the northeast facing southwest at approxim[...]