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Dobbin Decorations and Geese on the Pond

The Dobbin House’s Decorations this Christmas include a sleigh and lots of fruit.This image was taken facing southwest at approximately 8:45 AM on Sunday, November 27, 2016. Click here to see our previous post on Dobbin House Christmas Decorat[...]

George Spangler Farm Update

“Family members” (George Spangler family or tenants?) in front of the George Spangler Farm buildings circa 1890. Items shown include from left to right the house, smokehouse, outhouse, summer kitchen, an assortment of other whitewashed b[...]

Triangular Field Panorama: April 2012

This photograph was taken from Houck’s Ridge looking west. This would be the view that some members of the the 124th New York Infantry Regiment had as Confederates attacked (moving towards the camera) from Warfield Ridge/Seminary Ridge. The st[...]