Gettysburg Daily

New Hotel on Steinwehr Avenue Opening this Spring

From left to right: In the background, the Taneytown Road entrance to the Soldiers National Cemetery. The Hancock Avenue Gate. And in the foreground, the newly constructed Best Western Hotel on Steinwehr Avenue.This image was taken facing southeast [...]

The New Stone Wall at Meade’s Headquarters

A new stone wall was constructed at Meade’s Headquarters (Lydia Leister Farm) last month. This stone wall doesn’t exactly match the style of stone walls that were in this area in 1863, but a stone wall does show up here on the Warren Map[...]

Hancock Avenue Gate Update

The Hancock Avenue Gate, which is being constructed by the National Park Service, is an object from Gettysburg National Park’s “commemorative period.” Today we will review how we physically got to this point by reviewing the progre[...]

National Cemetery Parking Lot Nears Completion

The National Cemetery Parking Lot is nearing completion. The parking lot has been significantly reduced in size from the period when it was the Old Cyclorama Parking Lot. Traffic is now able to move through it between the Taneytown Road and Hancock A[...]

“Howard Johnson’s” on Steinwehr Avenue Deconstruction

During the Civil War Centennial (late 1950s-early 1960s) Steinwehr Avenue became the home to motels and restaurants which were built to accommodate the millions of visitors that poured into Gettysburg during that time. The Howard Johnson’s was[...]

1960s National Cemetery Parking Lot “Retaining Wall”

As part of the National Park Service’s professed goal of turning the Gettysburg Battlefield back to its 1863 appearance, this 1960s era wall will remain in place at the National Cemetery Parking Lot. This view was taken facing southwest at app[...]

East Cemetery Hill Civil War Trust Project Update

The Civil War Trust is steadily working on tearing down a structure that they purchased on East Cemetery Hill’s Hillcrest Place – today we’ll check in with LBG Garry Adelman to update us on the progress. The flank markers to the 10[...]

Temporary National Cemetery Parking Lot

While the old Cyclorama Parking Lot is being replaced (out of sight to the right of this view), a temporary parking lot has been established south of the National Cemetery. This lot used to be used by employees of the National Park Service when the [...]

Old Cyclorama Parking Lot Deconstruction

The National Park Service is cutting down trees in the area of the old Cyclorama Center parking lot, which is now the National Cemetery Parking lot in order to reduce the size of the parking lot, to restore a ravine that was in this location at the [...]