Gettysburg Daily

The 2nd Maryland Infantry Monument on Culp’s Hill

The monument to the 2nd Maryland Infantry Regiment on Lower Culp’s Hill/Spangler’s Hill. The Baltimore Cross is on each of the four faces of the capstone as most of the men in the regiment were recruited from Baltimore. The Maryland Stat[...]

National Cemetery Comfort Station Open

The National Cemetery Comfort Station, shrouded from view by a holly tree on the left. This view was taken facing north at approximately 8:45 AM on Friday, March 30, 2012. In September we visited the comfort station when it was temporarily closed f[...]

Gettysburg’s Oak Ridge Tower Panorama: March 2012

On the left the camera is pointing to the southwest and on the right of the view the camera is pointing to the north. For the larger JPEG version click here, or you can download the uncompressed TIFF file (42.3 MB) here. This view was taken at appro[...]